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Tel: (+34) 932 46 94 05

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 774, 7º
08013 Barcelona
Phone: (34) 932 469 405
Fax: (34) 932 316 062
Mail: cima@cimasa.com

Mogoda, 16 · P.I. Can Salvatella
08210 Barberà del Vallès
Phone: (34) 932 469 405
Fax: (34) 932 316 062
Mail: cima@cimasa.com

Welcome to Cima S.A.

Industrial Machinery for Processing and Packaging

CIMA is a machinery trading company specialized in the process and packaging of solid type food products in most sectors with special emphasis on markets such as snacks, confectionery, bakery, pastry, biscuits, fruits, vegetables, meat, pasta, ready meals ... and nonfood products such as pharmacy, detergents, perfumes ...




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Ishida launches an innovative solution for their high production compact machines CTC (Charge Transfer Control)

Ishida Charge Transfer Control (CTC) is designed to provide optimal operation of high speed packaging, without compromising the efficiency of any system and product losses.

CIMA joins his catalog the new Horizontal RM mixer
APINOX for cookies

The Italian company APINOX , represented in Spain by Cima Comercial Barcelona specialized in manufacturing of industrial mixers , pressure vessels and plants certified mixing includes in its catalog the RM type horizontal mixer high speed and high output particularly suited for batch tough Cookies ( boiler type ) , smooth , snack , and soft and delicate bodies . The production capacity of the mixer is prepared to accommodate the prescription and the degree of automation of the feed ingredients.